My phone will not connect to the app?

Try these quick troubleshooting steps

Fancy Sync Box:

  • Make sure you have connected the LED strip to the Fancy Sync Box, you cannot connect unless BOTH are connected.
  • Please check you have 2.4 GHz Wifi connection (confirm with modem manufacturer). 
  • Check the app permissions, in the settings of your phone.
  • Hold the wifi reset button on the back of the Fancy Sync Box for 10 seconds.
  • Connect via the "Add Device" page.
  • If it still does not connect, reattempt the steps above using a different mobile device or tablet.
  • Power off the Fancy Sync Box completely for 10 minutes, powering on again, and then using a new mobile phone to try to connect.

It's extremely important you confirm you are connected to a 2.4Ghz wifi network, or your phone will not connect. 

Extra Steps

If all else fails:

  1. Check whether your device is powered on and turned on.
  2. Ensure that broadcasting is enabled for Wi-Fi and is not hidden. Ensure that your device has been added over a Wi-Fi band of 2.4 GHz (Check whether the 2.4 GHz band and 5GHz band share the same Wi-Fi account. If so, we recommend that you configure two accounts and switch to the 2.4 GHz band during network connection).
  3. Ensure that the DHCP service is enabled for the router. If not, the IP address will be occupied.
  4. Check whether the Wi-Fi password you entered is correct. Check for spaces before and after the Wi-Fi account or password and case sensitivity issues.
  5. Please make sure that the device is in pairing mode, and click to view the detailed method.
  6. If your device is a Wi-Fi device, please use the “Add Manually” method to add it. The “Auto Scan” method may not be able to add your Wi-Fi device.
  7. If you are using iOS 14, please make sure you have opened the local network permission and wireless data permission of the App.
  8. If you are informed that the device has been bound to another account during the binding process, please follow the instructions on the posted page to unbind the device and add it again.
  9. Please make sure that the signal of the network environment where the device is located is strong and stable. Troubleshooting: Download the Internet Speed Test App (make sure the phone is connected to the 2.4Ghz network), place your mobile phone in the same location as the device, and then test the Internet upload and download speed at that location (ensure that the speed is at least: upload ≥ 2 MB/s, download ≥ 2 MB/s or upload ≥ 16 Mbps, download ≥ 16 Mbps), smart camera equipment occupies a large amount of upload bandwidth, and at least 4M of upload bandwidth is required for 1080p image quality (0.5MB/s, 4Mbps), if your device has enabled the cloud storage function, additional 2M upload bandwidth is required, please confirm that your network has sufficient network bandwidth.
  10. If the network is normal but the device network connection still fails, check whether the router is overloaded. You can disable a device’s Wi-Fi feature to reserve the channel for resource reallocation.
  11. Ensure that the encryption method and authentication type are set to WPA2-PSK and AES, respectively, for the router’s wireless settings, or both are set to Auto. Ensure that the wireless mode is not set to 11n only.
  12. If wireless MAC address filtering is enabled for the router, remove your device from the router’s MAC address filtering list to ensure that it is allowed to connect to the network. You can also disable MAC address filtering.

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