How do I mix colors on the remote?

Please watch the video tutorial below for Pro Fancy LEDs, on how to use DIY on the remote. If you do not have Pro Fancy LEDs this may not work.

This requires the Pro Fancy LEDs, they are RGB 5050. RGB 5050 allows for Red Blue and Green to be mixed from a single LED light bulb, to produce mixed colors. Using the arrows on the remote, you can change the intensity of the Red, Green, or Blue to create whatever color you desire! There are six DIY buttons on the remote, all allow you to save your custom color for whenever you want to use the exact color again. 

  1. First Press DIY1
  2. Point Remote at IR sensors (white control box)
  3. All DIYs start on white, press the 'Down Red Arrow' 25 times
  4. Press the 'Down Green Arrow' 25 times
  5. Press the 'Down Blue Arrow' 25 times
  6. The Pro Fancy LEDs will now appear 'off', however, you have to press any of the red, green, or blue 'Up arrows' to increase that color!
  7. For example, Pressing 15 'Up Red Arrow' and pressing 10 'Up Blue Arrow’ will create purple
  8. If you are unsure, please follow the video tutorial! Reminder DIY only works with our Pro Fancy LEDs!

Done! You can now mix, change and use DIY arrows on your remote! You can purchase Pro Fancy LEDs here by clicking here.

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