Ultimate Fancy LEDs Instructions

Step 1 - Planning
Be sure to measure the length of the area you want to install the Fancy LEDs on. We recommend having LED lights start vertically up your wall, but if you prefer to start the line horizontally from the top of your wall, you will need additional accessories to hold the power supply and white control box against the wall. Otherwise, the LEDs may be pulled off the wall due to the weight of the attachments.
Do not power on the LEDs while they are in the roll. Only power on once the LEDs are set up.

Step 2 -  Preparing a Cleaned Surface
Clean the surface you will be applying to stick your LED lights onto until it is free of dust and dirt. This will allow the adhesive to stick & hold strongly.

Step 3 -  Power Supply
Connect your white control box to the power supply. Connect your power supply to the power point.

Step 4 -  Connecting
Next, connect the white control box to the lights with the 3-pin connector. If you are connecting a 49.2ft or 65.6ft DO NOT connect the LEDs into one length. Only attach 2 x rolls together, then connect this length into channel 1, then if you have another 1 x roll or 2 x rolls, repeat this step and connect into channel 2.

Step 5 -  Peeling Double-Sided Tape
There are 3 layers on your LED strip:
  1. Blue plastic film
  2. White double-sided adhesive tape
  3. The LED light strip
Carefully peel back the thin plastic film off, leaving the double-sided tape on the back of the LED strip, Make sure you are peeling only the adhesive backing from the strip and not pulling the entirety of the tape, including the adhesive, off the LED strips. If you notice the strip is not sticky, it means you are removing the double-sided tape entirely. Only remove layer 1. Blue plastic film. It may be a little tricky, but remove the blue plastic film with patience and care.

Step 6 -  Corners
Do not bend the LED strip to a 90-degree angle around corners to make them flush as this may damage the circuitry of the LEDs. Rather, gently curve the LEDs around the corners.

Step 7 -  Final Checks
Once all steps are completed, press firmly along the LED strip to assist the adhesive in attaching to your wall. Leave the LED adhesive to dry for 3 minutes before turning it on, as the heat of the LED lights may weaken the bond of the adhesive to the wall.

Step 8 - App Download
Download the 'Fancy LEDs' app from the IOS or Android store here.
Create an account and follow the prompts.

Step 8 - Connect App & Control Box
Hold down the white button on the control device for 10 seconds, or until the LED strip flashes red. Then click connect in the app, as you will now be prompted with the LED device. Let it install, then again, tap on the device, in the app and you will have full access to all the customizations and colors.  

Need Help?

If you are unsure, please contact support via help@fancyleds.com or refer to the FAQ page. Note, that damage caused by user error may result in the warranty being void.

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