Cancellation Policy

Please be careful when placing your order. We can adjust your order if it has not been processed so please email ASAP, however, this is not a guarantee. Once you place your order it is final, as there are transaction and tax fees associated with your order which we as the merchant bear and cannot be reimbursed for. Such fees are a product of the credit card you use, such as Mastercard, Visa, and AMEX. PayPal is also subject to such fees.  Processing orders automatically allows for the fastest delivery possible, which at the cost of making cancellations not possible, is a net benefit to our customers. Therefore we cannot cancel your order after you place it. 

Malfunctions are an example of where you would be eligible for replacement and refunds. Additionally, if we cannot deliver to your country, or it is lost in transit, we can cancel your order and provide a full refund.

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