My HDMI device only has 1 port, how do I connect it?

The Fancy Sync Box is a bridge between your compatible HDMI device and your TV / monitor screen. Your Fancy Sync Box has two HDMI ports, to which you connect your HDMI device and TV too, like so:

HDMI input slot: Your PS4 / Xbox / Apple TV etc. 

HDMI output slot: Your TV / Monitor

So it looks like this, using a PS5 as an example: PS5 - Fancy Sync Box - TV

This is the only way to connect the Fancy Sync Box to your device for it to sync with the LEDs.

Please watch the youtube unboxing and setup video, and follow the instructions exactly. The video demonstrates setup with a Chromecast. Setup is the exact same no matter the HDMI device.

Watch this video

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