How do the LEDs move?

The LEDs which move/have crazy patterns are the 'Ultimate Fancy LEDs'. They do not use a remote, but rather a Bluetooth app. They are a special type of LEDs.

These Ultimate Fancy LEDs are individually addressable meaning each LED can have different colors at different times. Additionally, each LED can be at a different level of brightness. This allows for some amazing effects such as the famous Space Meteor mode! There are 24 different crazy cool patterns and 15 different rhythms that respond to music and sound played near the adaptor's microphone. The normal DIY colors are also available and with 16 million different color combinations you will be customizing these LEDs forever! The Ultimate Fancy LEDs use a Bluetooth app, therefore do not require a physical remote like the Pro Fancy LEDs. 

Check out our amazing customer reviews on our Instagram @shopfancyleds to see the Ultimate Fancy LEDs in our customer's rooms! You can purchase Ultimate Fancy LEDs by clicking here.

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